Dominion Farms

The Dominion Group

The “Dominion Group of Companies” is the informal identity of a number of companies founded and owned by Calvin Burgess of Guthrie, Oklahoma. These companies provide a diverse range of services and products, from office properties in the central U.S. to large-scale farming in Kenya. For over 20 years we have responded to opportunities to privatize governmental functions and projects for which state and federal agencies lacked the funding or flexibility to deliver themselves. In addition to government contracting and leasing, The Dominion Companies are involved in aircraft maintenance and modifications, lodging, manufacturing and commercial farming.

The origin of this group of companies dates to 1977 when Mr. Burgess founded a general contracting firm. That business expanded into commercial real estate development in 1986, since which year the Dominion Group has sited, designed, built and financed over 3.2 million square feet of public and commercial properties. Active in North America, Central America and Africa, The Dominion Group pursues unique business opportunities, often with a contrarian approach to investment.

On the following pages and attachments, you are invited to review some of the projects and properties that Dominion owns and operates.

Contact information

Address: 818 N. Oak
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044
Telephone: 405.346.9852